Al Lewis

(b. March 15, 1933)

An LA-area fan. He was a member of LASFS (and served as an officer), the ISL, and the N3F. He edited several issues of Shangri-La, Shangri-L'Affairs, and The National Fantasy Fan. He was the first winner of the Evans-Freehafer Trophy. He was a member of the PanPacificon Worldcon bid committee. He was one of the seven people at DeepSouthCon 1. He was part of Unicorn Productions and the cast of The Purple Pastures. And he was the producer of The Genie and The Musquite Kid Rides Again.

He was part of a kerfluffle in the N3F in 1963 when Alma Hill instituted impeachment proceedings to remove him as a director.

Publications include Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1961, LASFS Album, Ompalog (with Howard DeVore and Robert Lambeck for OMPA), Space Charge, (for OMPA), Equal Time, A Statement of Posture (with Harlan Ellison for FAPA), We Live in a Fanzine Factory (with Ron Ellik), Why Not?. And (this gets a sentence to itself) Amazing, thrilling, sexy, astounding, infamous, monsters of neferland and dull, dry, monotonous, analogged scientific fact nefer stories again (with Ron Ellik.) He contributed to The Universes of E. E. Smith.

He seems to have been active in the 50s and the 60s.

(Do you mean Alan J. Lewis, the Midwest fan?)

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