A clubzine of the Columbia University Science Fiction Society. The name comes from a California Hokan language which, loosely, means "I become sick." (It's not clear why they chose this…)

Issue Date Pages Editor Notes
1 May 1969 Janet Megson Eli Cohen may have been a co-editor
2 August 1969 Janet Megson Eli Cohen may have been a co-editor
3 April 1970 32 Janet Megson and Eli Cohen Contributors include Janet Fox and Harry Warner, Jr. Presumed fake interviews with Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg. Temple Univ. credits Ricky Kagan as the editor for this issue. The issue itself lists him as "Chief Procurer", but lists him as the contact person for issue #4, which is probably the source of the error.

A 4th issue was announced, with Ricky Kagan as contact person, but appears not to have been published.

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