Advention '85

Convention held 5-8 April 1985 at The Townhouse, in Adelaide, South Australia.
Theme: Acceleration of Australian Science Fiction

This was the year that Australia hosted the 43rd Worldcon, Aussiecon Two.

At the 1983 Australian Natcon, there was a bid to host the 1985 Australian Natcon at a convention Spawncon to be held in Seattle, USA, in conjunction with Norwescon. When it won, hosting of the Natcon Business Meeting and the Ditmar Awards were assigned to Advention. However, at the 1984 Australian Natcon, Spawncon was ruled inelligible due to not hosting those events, site selection was re-opened, and Advention gained the right to host the 1985 Australian Natcon. It was the 24th National Australian Science Fiction Convention.

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