A Vince Clarke Treasury

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A Vince Clarke Treasury is a huge collection of Vince Clarke's fanwriting compiled and edited by Dave Langford and published in 2015 under his Ansible Editions imprint. It is available only as a free ebook at the TAFF website.

Table of Contents:

Part One: 1948-1960

  • Whitcon 1948: A Fan’s-Eye View
  • 1951 Festival Convention Big Success
  • Aghast Editorial
  • Con Tour
  • Grunch
  • The New S-F
  • An Inexpensive Fanzine Printing Press
  • “Cycle-Ology”
  • Fanfare and Suchlike
  • Scrooge on Ice
  • The Jet-Propelled Anteater
  • Grunch Goes to a Convention
  • The Future History of Fandom
  • Launching Site #1
  • Zymic #1
  • Some Notes Upon the London Fanthropological Expedition, 1954
  • Collector’s Item
  • Fanderella and her Fairy Ghodmother
  • Room for One More
  • Don’t Sit There …
  • On Walt Willis
  • The Case of the Convention Cadaver
  • Bedtime Tale for a Baby BEM

Part Two: 1982-1998

  • Letter to Boonfark
  • Letter to Jophan
  • A Few Notes on Easter 1982
  • A Garden is a What, Ghod Wot?
  • A Coincidence
  • Today We Make Faces
  • Confessional Pome
  • Epicentre
  • “And Now, Poised to Start Reading Heinlein …”
  • Decline of D. West
  • Aye, I Remember Eye
  • 1985
  • 1985 II
  • 1985 III
  • Fifty Years On
  • Not the End of the Pier Show
  • Splinters
  • Splinters II
  • Question: What Were Quote Cards? Answer:
  • Tales from K
  • Farewell, No. 6 … Perhaps
  • Seen Any Good Stamps Philately?
  • Astounding Days
  • Nirvana: The Ultimate Fanzine
  • A Small Skirmish on the Borders of Mundania
  • Novae Terrae – The Last Year
  • Intersection: Worldcon 1995
  • Early Days
  • Birth of an Old-Time Fan
  • Humour & Fantasy from Some Dusty Shelves
  • Vince Clarke Obituary
  • Fan Slang and Abbreviations
  • Vince Clarke Online
  • Original Appearances

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org