A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine

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When it began in December, 1949, the editorial policy of A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine was the same as its companion magazine, Fantastic Novels: reprint stories from the earlier pulp magazines in the Munsey chain, particularly Argosy.

Unfortunately, this new bi-monthly magazine only lasted until October, 1950, for a total run of five issues. The editor was Mary Gnaedinger, who edited most of the publisher's genre magazines. Many of the illustrations used were by Virgil Finlay.

Several reasons were put forth for the magazine's early demise, one being that Abraham Merritt, who had died in 1943, was no longer a popular enough genre writer on which to base a new magazine. Another reason given was that the magazine, despite its name, did not reprint enough A. Merritt stories (only three in the five issues). Still another reason given was that all the SF and fantasy titles issued by Popular Publications were shaky by 1949, and A. Merritt Fantasy Magazine was only the first to fall.

In addition to stories by Merritt, the magazine reprinted work by George Allan England, Ray Cummings, Robert Arthur, and George Challis (one of the many pen names of Frederick Faust).

There was also a letter column, with the first letter printed from a 14-year-old Robert Silverberg.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org