A. Langley Searles

(August 8, 1920 - May 7, 2009)

A[rthur] Langley Searles was fan, bibliographer and historian of the field.

He is best known for editing the scholarly fanzine Fantasy Commentator, of which he published twenty-eight issues between 1943 and 1953, and then resumed in 1978 through 2004. It was nominated for the 1946 Best Fanzine Retro-Hugo.

He was a member of FAPA in the 40s, but left it after getting involved in a row over material being published and threatening to bring the objectionable material to the attention of the Post Office. See the Fancyclopedia 2 article on censorship.

In mundane life Searles was a professor of chemistry at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

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