(1) A Fapazine by R. D. Swisher and F. N. Swisher.

A fapazine published by R. D. Swisher and F. N. Swisher.

Issue Date Pages Notes
2 January 1945 8
3 July 1945 8
4 January 1946 10
5 July 1946 6 Final issue

(2) A Fancy 2 Article

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959 same in Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
When Dr Swisher's S-F CHECK LIST was first published, fanzine editors scrambled to be alphabetically first; and such publications as the AAANTHOR ARGUS were produced. "a", published by Swisher himself, finally secured first place.

(3) A Fapazine by Jack Speer

A fapazine published by Jack Speer.

Issue Date Pages Notes
January 1943 4 In FAPA 26
4 January 1946 10 In FAPA 34

(4) A Fanzine by Louis Russell Chauvenet.

A single-issue fanzine published November 17, 1939 by Louis Russell Chauvenet as from Hokum House Publications.

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