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A northern Indiana/Chicago-area convention founded in 1998, which ran five times between its founding and 2006. Midwest Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, (MSFFA) was the corporate parent.

2BeContinued was put together by a group which had focused on running parties at various conventions with the desire to create a con which offered a larger exposure to media fandom in a fan-run setting.

Located in different venues for each of its years, 2BeContinued never really managed to build a core membership and a variety of concom decisions in its final year led to its demise.

Convention Date Location GoHs
2BeContinued 1 April 24-26, 1998 Ramada Inn South Bend in South Bend, IN Michael Longcor, Diana Harlan Stein
2BeContinued 2 September 26-28, 2003 Radisson Star Plaza in Merrillville, IN Larry Niven, Richard Biggs, Jason Carter, Ray Park, Eugene Roddenberry, Rockne S. O'Bannon, Corbin Keep, Tracy Lunquist, Alan Clark, Julie Caitlin Brown, Eric Flint, Luke Ski
2BeContinued 3 April 9-11, 2004 Radisson O'Hare in Rosemont, IL James Wilson, Peter David, Luke Ski, Chase Masterson, Max Grodenchik, Tim Choate, Jeffrey Willerth
2BeContinued 4 May 6-8, 2005 Chicago Marriott Schaumburg in Schaumburg, IL George R. R. Martin, Charles Urbach, Virginia Hey, Stephen Austin, Dean Haglund, Steve MacDonald, Eric Lang
2BeContinued 5 May 12-14, 2006 Doubletree Suites Downers Grove in Downers Grove, IL Robert J. Sawyer, Bob Eggleton, Xavier Grillo Marxuach, Larry Elmore, WETA Workshop, Aaron Douglas
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org