January 16 Takumi Shibano dies
February 7 William Tenn dies
Easter Odyssey 2010
April 19 George Scithers dies
June 9 Final issue of APA:NESFA collated
August 5-8 Reconstruction (NASFIC)
September 2-6 Aussiecon 4 (Worldcon)
September 5 Best Fanzine Hugo is won by a podcast
October 13 Donald Tuck dies
November 30 Len Moffatt dies
TAFF: Anne KG Murphy and Brian Gray
CUFF: Diane Lacey (West)
DUFF: John Hertz (South)
FFANZ: Jan Butterworth and Stephen Litten
GUFF: James Shields (South)
NAFF: Gina Goddard

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