2009 Best Graphic Story Hugo

The 2009 Best Graphic Story Hugo was presented August 9, 2009 at Anticipation.

  1. Girl Genius, Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones [Airship Entertainment, 2008] Written by Kaja & Phil Foglio; Art by Phil Foglio; Colors by Cheyenne Wright
  2. Serenity: Better Days [Dark Horse Comics, 2008] Written by Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews; Art by Will Conrad; Color by Michelle Madsen; Cover by Jo Chen
  3. The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle [Del Rey/Dabel Brothers Publishing, 2008] Written by Jim Butcher; Art by Ardian Syaf
  4. Fables: War and Pieces [DC/Vertigo Comics, 2008] Written by Bill Willingham; Art by Steve Leialoha and Andrew Pepoy; Penciled by Mark Buckingham; Color by Lee Loughridge; Letters by Todd Klein
  5. Y: The Last Man, Volume 10: Whys and Wherefores [DC/Vertigo Comics, 2008] Written/created by Brian K. Vaughan; Penciled/created by Pia Guerra; Inked by Jose Marzan, Jr.
  6. Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic [The Tayler Corporation, 2008] Story and Art by Howard Tayler

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