2005 Best Related Book Hugo

The 2005 Best Related Book Hugo was presented August 7, 2005 at Interaction.

  1. The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction by Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
  2. With Stars in My Eyes: My Adventures in British Fandom by Peter R. Weston (NESFA Press, 2004)
  3. Futures: 50 Years in Space: The Challenge of the Stars by David A. Hardy and Patrick Moore (AAPPL, 2004; Harper Design International, 2004)
  4. Dancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn, Volume 3 by William Tenn (NESFA Press, 2004)
  5. The Best of Xero by Pat Lupoff and Dick Lupoff (Tachyon Publications, 2004)

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