2003 Best Short Story Hugo

The 2003 Best Short Story Hugo was presented August 31, 2003 at Torcon 3.

  1. "Falling onto Mars" by Geoffrey A. Landis [Analog Jul/Aug 2002]
  2. "'Hello,' Said the Stick" by Michael Swanwick [Analog Mar 2002]
  3. "The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport" by Michael Swanwick [Asimov's Oct/Nov 2002]
  4. "Creation" by Jeffrey Ford [F&SF May 2002]
  5. "Lambing Season" by Molly Gloss [Asimov's Jul 2002]

"A Gift of Verse" by John L. Flynn received enough votes on the nominating ballot to secure a place on the final ballot, but was ruled to be ineligible due to previous publication.

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