1992 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo

Presented September 6, 1992 at Magicon.

  1. The World of Charles Addams by Charles Addams (Knopf, 1991)
  2. Science-Fiction -- The Early Years by Everett F. Bleiler (Kent State University Press, 1991)
  3. The Science-Fantasy Publishers -- A Critical & Bibliographic History (3rd ed) by Jack L. Chalker and Mark Owings (Mirage Press, 1991)
  4. The Bakery Men Don't See Cookbook by Jeanne Gomoll (SF3, 1991)
  5. Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden by Stephen Jones (Underwood-Miller, 1991)

Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch by Nancy Willard, Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon received enough votes to appear on the final ballot, but was ruled ineligible. {why?}

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