1990 Best Short Story Hugo

The 1990 Best Short Story Hugo was presented August 26 at Confiction.

  1. "Boobs" by Suzy McKee Charnas [Asimov's Jul 1989]
  2. "Lost Boys" by Orson Scott Card [F&SF Oct 1989]
  3. "Computer Friendly" by Eileen Gunn [Asimov'sJun 1989]
  4. "The Return of William Proxmire" by Larry Niven [ What Might Have Been? Vol. 1: Alternate Empires, 1989]
  5. "The Edge of the World" by Michael Swanwick [ Full Spectrum #2 (Doubleday), 1989]
  6. "Dori Bangs" by Bruce Sterling [Asimov's Sep 1989]

"Remaking History" by Kim Stanley Robinson received enough votes on the nominating ballot to be on the final ballot but was declared to be ineligible.

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