1982 Site Selection Results

Site Selection for the 1982 Worldcon was conducted by Noreascon Two, the 1980 Worldcon. The bidders were Chicago in 1982 and Detroit in '82. (The St. Ghu in '82 hoax bid did not appear on the ballot.)

The results were:

Bidder Mail At-con Total
Chicago in 1982 539 479 1018
Detroit in '82 228 182 410
No Preference and blank 70 36 106
None of the Above 7 4 11
write-ins 3 1 4

The write-ins were 2 for Highmore, SD, 1 for Toronto, and 1 for the Virgin Islands.

There were thus a total of 847 mail and 702 at-con ballots, 1549 overall. In addition 12 mail ballots were rejected for unpaid voting fees, and 1 as being from a non-sentient being (a pet rock). [At least some of the at-con ballots were also invalid, but there was neither time nor need to make a thorough check] Chicago in 1982 was thus the winner of the right to put on the 1982 Worldcon.