1980 Site Selection Results

Site Selection for the 1980 Worldcon was conducted by Iguanacon, the 1978 Worldcon. The bidders were Boston in 1980 and Baltimore in '80. Boston won, and went on to run Noreascon Two.

The Iguanacon committee was very idiosyncratic in their release of voting totals. They announced that Boston in 1980 had beaten Baltimore in '80 "overwhelmingly", but didn't release a breakdown. No Preference votes were announced as votes for the hoax bid of Flushing in '80 (!) Here is what was eventually released:

Bidder Mail At-con Total
Boston or Baltimore 379 584 963
"Flushing" 40 21 61
invalid 125 5 130
Total 544 610 1154

(The invalid ballots mostly lacked the voting fee — probably because the site selection ballot neglected to mention that one was required. This was a record year for invalid ballots.)

The Grenoble in 1980 and Stockholm in 1980 bids folded without filing.