1971 Best Novel Hugo

The 1971 Best Novel Hugo was presented September 5 at Noreascon.

  1. Ringworld by Larry Niven (Ballantine, 1970)
  2. Tau Zero by Poul Anderson (Doubleday, 1970)
  3. Tower of Glass by Robert Silverberg (Scribner's, 1970)
  4. The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson Tucker (Ace, 1970)
  5. Star Light by Hal Clement (Analog Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep 1970)

Hal Clement was Treasurer of Noreascon and attempted to decline the nomination for Star Light since it was inappropriate for a committee member to be nominated. The rest of the committee would not allow him to give up a Hugo nomination, so he perforce resigned as Treasurer.

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