1964 Best Short Fiction Hugo

The 1964 Best Short Fiction Hugo was presented September 6 at Pacificon II. For the first time we have an order of finish for all awards. We also have the vote totals. The vote was a simple plurality vote without the modern Transferable Preferential Ballot.

  1. "No Truce with Kings" by Poul Anderson [F&SF Jun 1963] (93 votes)
  2. "Code Three" by Rick Raphael [Analog Feb 1963] (67 votes)
  3. "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" by Roger Zelazny [F&SF Nov 1963] (47 votes)
  4. "Savage Pellucidar" by Edgar Rice Burroughs [Amazing Nov 1963] (44 votes)

21 ballots had no vote for this category
There were 2 votes for No Award.

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