1964 Best Fanzine Hugo

The 1964 Best Fanzine Hugo was presented September 6 at Pacificon II. For the first time we have an order of finish for all awards. We also have the vote totals. The vote was a simple plurality vote without the modern Transferable Preferential Ballot.

  1. Amra ed. by George H. Scithers (72 votes)
  2. Yandro ed. by Buck Coulson and Juanita Coulson (51 votes)
  3. Starspinkle ed. by Ron Ellik (48 votes)
  4. ERB-dom ed. by Camille Cazedessus, Jr. (45 votes)

There were 52 ballots with no vote in this category.
6 ballots were voted for No Award.

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