1960 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo

The 1960 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo was presented September 5 at Pittcon. We do not have a record of the order of finish beyond second place.

  1. The Twilight Zone (TV series) [CBS] by Rod Serling
  2. The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959) [HarBel/MGM] Screenplay by Ranald MacDougall; Story by Ferdinand Reyher; Directed by Ranald MacDougall; based on the novel The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel
  • Murder and the Android (Sunday Showcase episode #1.5)
  • The Turn of the Screw (1959) [NBC] Teleplay by James Costigan; Directed by John Frankenheimer; based on the novel by Henry James
  • Men into Space (TV series) [CBS, 1959]

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