1958 was known as The Year of the Jackpot because of the previously unheard-of number of deaths.

February <bordered in black> Ackerman publicizes "sci-fi" in Famous Monsters of Filmland #1 </bordered in black>
February 4 Henry Kuttner dies
February 23 <black> WSFS, Inc. formally incorporated in New York</black>
February 24 Fanac by Terry Carr and Ron Ellik begins publication
early Mutual lawsuits between Dave Kyle and the Dietz-Raybin faction over WSFS, Inc.
March 21 Cyril Kornbluth dies
March CRAP formed
Easter Cytricon IV, British Science-Fiction Association organized
June 8 F. Towner Laney dies
mid Second Futurian Society of New York formed
July 6 Dallas Futurian Society disbanded
August 29 - September 1 (Labor Day) Solacon (Worldcon)
August 31 WSFS, Inc. effectively killed by Anna Moffatt at Solacon
December 2 E. E. Evans dies
Ron Bennett TAFF trip

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