January 3 First British convention in Leeds
January The Science Fiction Association, the UK's first national fan organization founded.
February 19 Terry Carr born
February 21 Second Eastern convention in New York
March 15 H. P. Lovecraft dies
June 24 Charlie Brown born
July Foundation of FAPA
August First Mailing of FAPA
September 13 Dick Eney born
September 21 The Hobbit published.
October 30 Third Eastern Convention
October 30 Michelist speech "Mutation or Death!" delivered at Third Eastern.
October 30 End of First Interregnum and start of Second Fandom (Numerical Fandoms)
late Founding of the QSFL
December 9 First London First Thursday pub meeting
December John W. Campbell, Jr. becomes editor of Astounding
December 16 Norm Metcalf born
Claude Degler released from Indiana Hospital for the Insane
Minneapolis Fantasy Society started